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Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is an emerging sector in Aviation where safe and efficient Urban commute is being envisioned by use of small, highly automated aircraft called eVTOL to carry passengers or cargo at lower altitudes in urban and suburban areas which have been developed in response to traffic congestion.


An electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) is an emerging category of aircrafts that are popularly known as flying cars. These use electric power to hover, take off, and land vertically. They enable safer and faster Point-to-Point commute in urban and sub-urban cities.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Pioneering Next-Generation eVTOLs

Innovation I Mobility I Sustainability

Founded by team of young innovative minds. Sapient Aerospace envisions to make aerial mobility accessible to all. Providing a cheaper, faster, safer and environmentally responsible form of transportation is our prime motto.

Guided by experienced enthusiast and unmatchable minds, we pioneer aerospace technologies that are smarter, simpler, effective and affordable. 

The blend of economic and environment friendly tech which surpasses urban mobility standards. 

Image by William Bayreuther






Longer Range

Zero Carbon Emission

Vertical Take-Off/ Landing


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