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Virtual Internship & Training

Aerospace, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students can get a virtual training opportunity to learn new technology and improve their careers. This internships has been designed to give you the opportunities you need to grow professionally, partner with experts from industry in day-to-day business dealings and help achieve your career goals.

The Virtual Training Internship Programs (VTIP) is designed in such a way that you can choose the level of intensity as per your requirements. Our 4 week/ 12 week/ 24 weeks program are there to help you find your passion, develop practical skills, and pursue your career goals. Using real-world problem-solving cases and engaging online tools, we'll help you unearth your talents and make the most of them.

What Our Interns Say

UI/UX Designing

Mayura, Management Trainee

"It was a wonderful journey to work with Sapient. Under this role I got the exposure of many cross-functioning challenges a manager can face such as operations, human resource management, team management, content writing, administration, planning, and project management. I have learnt many new things about aerospace engineering and especially e-VTOLs, which contributed to my career growth."
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