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Virtual Training & Internship 

Dive into the world of Aerospace Engineering and gain experience in the industry. Join our virtual internship program to be surrounded by experts, interact with them and learn more about the world of modern aerospace engineering.

Virtual Training Internship Program is designed to prepare young professionals in the field of modern aerospace technology with interpersonal skills and professionalism. The program will also help them enhance their technical abilities, work ethics and complete hands on experience by working alongside experts at Sapient Aerospace platform. 

What Our Interns Say

UI/UX Designing

Mayura, Management Trainee

"It was a wonderful journey to work with Sapient. Under this role I got the exposure of many cross-functioning challenges a manager can face such as operations, human resource management, team management, content writing, administration, planning, and project management. I have learnt many new things about aerospace engineering and especially e-VTOLs, which contributed to my career growth."
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